Return to the Springs with Pierce Gillard


Pierce Gillard teaches one of his English classes at the beginning of his first year. The teacher, who is only 23 years old, has never held a teaching job before. He lived in Colorado Springs before he attended college, and jumped at the opportunity to teach at Manitou when he returned.

Eryn McQueen, Reporter

This year, the staff of Manitou Springs High School has had many new additions, including Pierce Gillard. This is Gillard’s first year in the teaching career.

Prior to this, the 23-year-old was studying at the University of Wyoming. After graduating from Rampart High School in Colorado Springs in 2011, he spent the next few years at Wyoming University.

In order to attend this college he had to move to Wyoming. Over the course of the next 5 years, Gillard lived in Laramie, Wyoming. He enjoyed the beautiful sites and the community, however he said that the winters were very cold, even worse than Colorado winters.

Wyoming is also much smaller than Colorado in size. However, according to Gillard, Colorado Springs has as many people living there as Wyoming does in the entire state. The town of Laramie is very small and secluded, but Gillard said that he didn’t mind. Once he had acquired a degree in English and Education, Mr. Gillard returned to Colorado this past summer. Although he enjoyed living in Wyoming while it lasted, he’s happy to be back in Colorado, where he grew up.

While in high school, Gillard lived in Colorado Springs. He came to Manitou somewhat frequently prior to the kick off to his career, but now he considers himself officially involved with the community, especially considering he’s been in a different state for 5 years.

During the 4 years he attended Rampart High School, Gillard considered English and History his favorite subjects. Gillard has always enjoyed English and learning, and he wanted to pass that love on to other people.

Sometime over the course of his college education, Gillard attended a mandatory public speaking course. Although he’s comfortable now, when he first started speaking in front of the class it was an awkward and uncomfortable experience. It was not so much that he was embarrassed, he just simply wasn’t used to being in charge of a room.

Gillard didn’t plan to teach here, but once he saw the opportunity, he took the offer.

So far, Gillard is enjoying Manitou. According to him, it’s not very different from what he was used to in Colorado Springs. The biggest difference was mainly interaction. As said before, he actually interacts with people here on an almost daily basis. Although this is all a big adjustment, Gillard is settling in well, he’s enjoying his choice in career.

As of now, Gillard doesn’t have any further plans. He’s planning quarter by quarter. When questioned how long he wants to teach, he replied uncertainly. After a bit of thinking, he clarified that he’ll go as long as he can, he just started so he hasn’t put much thought into the subject since it’s so far into the future. For the foreseeable future, Gillard will remain teaching English at Manitou Springs High School. For now, he’s look forward to a good year, and many years to come!