Annual World Language Culture Night


Eryn McQueen, Reporter

On Tuesday, October 25, starting at 5:30pm and ending at 7:30, the annual World Language Culture Night will be held at Manitou Springs High School. Admission is free.

World Language Culture Night (WLCN) is an event featuring different languages, typically the languages offered by the school. All students enrolled in either French, German or Spanish are required to attend, however everyone is welcome. In addition to the language department, other groups are involved.

Over the past quarter, these classes have been working on projects for the big night. This year’s theme is history, focusing the projects into a historical view. There will be food trucks serving dishes from different cultures of Spanish, French, and German speaking countries, and a mariachi band playing throughout the night. Each language class will be performing songs prepared in class, and each individual student will have a presentation on their selected topic available.

Prizes will be awarded for best food, project, research paper, and best use of technology. The students have also been making t-shirts for their language. Everyone will be either wearing their language class t-shirts, or costumes of different cultures.