Manitou Volleyball Versus The Kodiaks


Sabrina Randolph, Reporter

This past Tuesday, the Manitou Mustangs took on the Kodiak Bears during a game of volleyball. As Manitou’s onlookers cheered, number two took a dive for the ball. She landed hard on her knees, but got back up within the instant it happened and was back on her feet. Other players took dives and spikes at the Kodiaks, only to lose in the first match, twenty five to nineteen. They picked themselves up with some friendly hugs and amazing plans, dousing the Kodiaks with a score of twenty five to twelve! When one of our photographers were sitting near a good fan and parent of a Manitou player, she said: “Get a lot of shots of Number Two for me! That’s the one you want to watch!”. Hearing those words gave the photographer the love of the sport. Watching the dives, spikes, saves and scores gave the photographer to chances she needed to grab the best pictures! Another fan, unnamed, said: “These girls got the moves! Just watch them go!”, said a supposed parent or fan of the team. Thank you Manitou Volleyball C-Team for your love of the sport and the great games you offer us! Smash the opponents and bring us a faithful, amazing sport that you all put your hearts into! If you all work together, everything can be achieved in a second!