Girls’ Soccer Wins League


Sita Ahlen, Sports and Activities Editor

After a game against Salida on Tuesday, the girls’ soccer team advanced to the top and won league against 5 other teams.

Manitou’s championship stemmed from their five wins and zero losses during the season. Behind them was the Colorado Christian school with 3 wins and 1 loss.

At their game against Buena Vista on Wednesday, May 4th, they won with an impressive ten to zero. The next day they versed Salida, and led the score with four to one.

This is not the first year the team had won league. Just last season, and a month ago, they were able to move to the top again. The girls will attempt to advance to semi-finals and then finals at the end of the month.

Ben Mack hopes to focus by preparing for playoffs and avoiding injuries. He is going to begin tweaking fine details and prepare the team for the specific teams they will play.

For now, the team has another game tonight against Trinidad. If that team continues their winning streak, they’ll have a better chance of making it to playoffs.