Manitou Students Place in Tri-Peaks League Art Show

Becca Heiniger, Reporter

The Tri-Peaks Art Show asked art teachers from the Tri-Peaks area to send in a list of their students’ artwork. The art teachers from Manitou, Paul Bonner and Erin Gocinski, submitted seven pieces each. The Tri-Peaks Art Show gives awards for first through third place, in 2D and 3D. They also have an award for honorable mention, called Juror’s Choice. Two students from Manitou won this award.

Of their selected 2D pieces, a painting called “A Study of Marble” by Elizabeth Hawkes (12), was awarded second place. “A Study of Marble” is a watercolor painting, described by Hawkes as a study of colors to be found in white. Hawkes was inspired by a detailed photo of the statue.

Lucas Rodholm’s (11) drawing was inspired by “recent political debates”. He wanted to convey the idea that someone that works hard doesn’t always keep what they earned. He said, I describe it as a businessman/woman, or leader of large corporation, who had worked hard for their money, but is forced to give a large sum of his/her earnings to the government for it to be given away directly to lazier people who don’t work hard enough to make their own money.” This piece, titled “Truth” was given a Juror’s Choice Award.

Sydney White (11) entered three pieces, one of which was awarded Juror’s Choice, this piece was called “Sydney White and Black”. Although this was an assigned self portrait project, and she could’ve picked any picture of herself, White selected this picture to replicate because of the ideas she had involving the hair and how dramatic her positioning felt.

White’s piece was made using a linoleum block, which she carved. She said, “I used unique lines to make light and dark and create texture and movement throughout the piece.” These unique lines were carved into the linoleum block and then the print was stamped on paper. This sort of medium is out of White’s usual limits, those being pen, pencil, and paints