Freshman Friday: Quinn Hersey Makes Memories

Sita Ahlen and Mia Elliott

Taylor Finn (12), a friend of Quinn Hersey (9) through Student Council and Track, remarks on her friend’s quirky attitude and fun personality.

Since coming to High School, Hersey has been involved in nearly everything, becoming engrossed in making memories and friends in these four years. Having participated in basketball, track, student council and Campaign for Kindness, he leaves no stone unturned. Next year he hopes to replace track with baseball in order to expand his borders.

Lauren Sikerica (12) and Finn both joined Hersey during the interview silently laughing and asking him questions like, “Whats your favorite color?” and “Cats or Dogs?”

Only one year in, Hersey has made an outstanding impact, not only in sports and schooling, but also in the making of long lasting friendships.