“The Breakfast Club” Celebrates 30th anniversary

Anela Wright, Reporter

thebreakfastclubThis past spring break, students were on beaches and with friends. But those of us who are Breakfast Club fans were celebrating the 30th anniversary of when this classic movie took place. The Breakfast club is about five high school students representing different stereotypes meeting in detention.  On 15 Febuary, 1985, the Breakfast club was released in theaters creating history.  With scenes being ad-libed, the actors say what most students feel in school, the iconic fist in the air, and teachers hating certain students. This movie has been loved by all even in the generation following the release. Without seeing the movie, a judgement may be made saying the movie is a teen movie that holds little to no value.  Having ranked number one for Entertainment weekly’s 50 best High School Movies (2006) and Steven Schniders 1001 movies you must see before you die. Once the movie is seen its about the strange things that happen between teens that are strangers to one another when forced to socalize.

The breakfast Club holds a lot of amazing facts that we hold in our hearts, the entire screen play was written in two days, the dandruff in in Allison’s hair is actually parmesan cheese, and the movie being a time capsule for future generations with clothes, music, ect. These characteristics of the movie could be the reason we hold in our hearts so dearly. The Breakfast Club is one of those classic movies that will go down in history.

I have grown up watching this movie, being one of my favorites. I recommend The Breakfast Club to anyone who has not seen it. I give this movie five stars, for it’s set up and relating to high school student sterotypes so well. There is nothing about this movie that I don’t like.