“Think Tank” Club Up and Running

Think Tank Club Up and Running

Anela Wright, Reporter

Issac Patterson (10), William Pranchak (9), Benjamin White (10), John Ives (10), Eric Ayers (10), Spencer Briggs-Hale (10), Alex Speicker (10), Tyler Jungbauer (10), Piccioni, Ryan Strickland, Nick Vidovich, and Nathan Plush, are all a part of a Club called Think Tank. If you are looking for a Club that involves debating, arguing, and screaming, then this is the Club for you.

“We sort of just yell at each other about debatable issues, in a good way though,” says Issac (10).

The club debates about Scientific and Philosophical issues. Our curriculum doesn’t have much room for Philosophical classes. Our student body would probably be happy to have a class that argues over topics such as what Think Tank has to offer. They meet every Wednesday and Thursday in Mr. Browns room.

“John and I have spent a good degree of our time debating issues like these and I think we decided to make the club in purpose to widen our debates,” Tyler Jungbauer (10).

If you would like to join the weekly debate, please go to Mr. Browns room during lunch on Wednesday and Thursdays, or email Tyler Jungbauer.