Girls’ Swim Places First at League

Sita Ahlen, Sports and Activities Editor

After three snow days and no time to practice, the girls’ swim team went headstrong into their League competition on Thursday and Friday.

The team finished the season 7-1 overall, losing to Cheyenne Mountain, and were undefeated in the Tri-peaks league.

They blasted their way to the top on Thursday, marking them as the probable winners of League. On Friday, the girls only had nine teams to compete against.

“We were confident that we were in position to win leagues,” said swim coach Roy Chaney. “With returning stars such as Veronica Morin, Sam White, Kethrys Buffa, Emily Dolloff-Holt and then the fact we had girls with experience from last year returning and some new girls with swimming experience, we knew we would have something special this year.”

Not only did they place first in the entire event, many team members placed first in specific rounds.

Veronica Morin (12), the team captain, placed first in 50 free and 100 free. Kethrys Buffa (11), who attends Colorado Springs Early Colleges but swims for Manitou, placed first in the 100 backstroke category. Samantha White (12) placed first in 100 breaststroke, while breaking the school record. The relay teams also placed first in the 100 free and 200 medley, and they earned the majority of their points in these categories.

Also breaking two league records, it wasn’t far-fetched that they would win.

“This team has been building since 2008 to be one of the top swim teams in 4A competition. This year will be the strongest team Manitou has ever seen, and has set the tone for the future,” said Chaney.

In the end, the team had three girls in every final event. In order to work towards state, the girl will perfect their relay exchanges, and participate in several practices.

“We have a state record to uphold,” said Coach Chaney. The state competition will be on February 12 and 13 at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Thornton, Colorado.