Relieving The Stress of Finals Week: Tips from the Counseling Office


Ryan Cantwell, Audio Visual Editor

Finals week can be a hectic time of year, filled with more homework and a vast amount of recalling old information. Once these elements are combined it can lead to anxiety and more stress than any human should experience. The counsellors can help ease this anxiety and stress and Manitou Springs High School’s very own counsellor, Mrs. Kelly, gives some helpful tips towards relieving stress and getting the best grades possible.

Top 10 tips for studying:

  1. Start studying three days before any test.
  2. Get your normal amount of sleep, don’t sleep too long or else you will feel groggy, don’t sleep too little or you won’t be able to concentrate.
  3. Try to think happy thoughts, don’t doubt yourself but build yourself up.
  4. If you need to memorize something, write it over and over or think of a helpful reminder of what it is; such as remembering that a cation is positive by the “T” in it.
  5. Create a study guide that highlights all of the major things.
  6. Write down your questions and make sure to ask the teacher then focus harder on those questions.
  7. Study with friends, it has been found that teaching someone else is an amazing way to remember it for yourself.
  8. Always attend study sessions, such as the math review nights that happen before every final.
  9. Pace yourself and take breaks when needed, don’t cram everything at one time, slowly digest the information.
  10. Study for the style of the test; if it is a multiple choice then quiz yourself in a multiple choice format.