Prom chaperones come to trial

Last year’s senior prom, held at Manitou Springs City Hall on April 21, became infamous across the nation when two parent chaperones, Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey, sprayed Fabreze at a group of dancing students, as well as calling several students rude or hurtful names. This was done in an attempt to discourage “inappropriate dancing” on the students’ part.

The end result, however, was the prom ending early and charges being filed against the chaperones, and the case was due to be tried in July.

Manitou Springs City Hall where the 2012 Mantiou Springs High School Prom was held.

MSHS senior, Alyssa Archuleta, who filed charges, says, “I was pretty nervous about the case being taken to court. It’s a pretty big deal.”

During the trial, which was held in a mediation room rather than a courtroom or judges’ office, a judge decided that Farmer and Rockey would have to make a donation to the MSHS prom committee and submit a formal apology. The pair are also not allowed to chaperone a school function again.

“I think it’s a fair punishment,” said Archuleta. “I’m satisfied with the results of the trial.”

Farmer and Rockey’s apology, emailed to the Colorado Springs Gazette by their attorney August 6, states: “We truly regret that the evening was less enjoyable than you hoped for.” The full text of the apology is available on the Gazette.

By Renae Musekamp