Annual Drive Smart Assembly Encourages Students

Sita Ahlen, Senior Reporter

The week of seeing chalk lettering on the walls and announcements from Student Council Drive Smart week has almost come to an end.

An assembly during advisory on Thursday, November 19, was an exciting and mellow way to move into the carnival on Friday the 20.

Not only did Student Council create and participate in the event, but other schools in the Colorado Springs area joined in.

Woodland Park, Palmer, Saint Mary’s and Lewis Palmer all stood up in front of the school to recite lines of a poem about driving safely.

In the gym, the light dimmed and a video detailing every class and the names of those within it was broadcasted.

After the video would not load, Mrs.Stoneback was hailed to the front, and applause rang out from the students. The problem was fixed.

Nearing the end of the assembly, Taylor Finn (12) and Sophie Kilroy (12) invited the students to the floor to hug and spread kind words.