Volleyball Places 7th in Division

Sita Ahlen, Senior Reporter

Varsity Volleyball participated in state competitions on Saturday November 14th at the Denver Coliseum.

They ranked 7th overall.

In pool play, a format for playoffs which involves nine matches and four teams, the team placed second.

The girls participated in two matches, one against Sterling and one against University.

Errors against the University team held them back, and they did not win the match.

After not doing very well in the first match against University, which the girls lost 1-3, they powered up and won against Sterling at 3-0.

Coach Jane Squires said the team played hard, and that next year they will focus on their defensive lines.

McKayla Cully, the only freshman on the varsity team, was hesitant on being on a upperclass filled team.

I always felt that because I’m younger they are better then me and I’m going to mess them up, I finally opened up to some teammates and they told me that I’m on varsity for a reason so they helped me out and we got pretty close. “

Cully plans to continue playing throughout high school. Although the team did not win, the freshman feels it was a good experience anyway.

“I really loved the trip because it was good team bonding time and I really got to know my real teammates.”

On Saturday after it was already destined they would not win, they only played for fun instead of focusing on winning.

Six members of the varsity team will be graduating this year.