Review of Get Weird by Little Mix

Ashley Rodriguez, Senior Reporter

Little mix is a girl band from England that formed just for Uk’s Xfactor and also became the first group to win the competition. The band consists of Jade Thirlwall (22), Perrie Edwards (22), Leigh-Anne Pinnock (24), and Jesy Nelson (24).

I think that they have improved a lot since 2011 and definitely have improved. It took them a while to find their voice, but with the help of their producer Simon Cowell they were able to pull it together to win.

They have only have two albums out so far called DNA and Salute. Their new album is called Get Weird and it will be released on November 6th.

The songs that are already released are Hair, Black Magic, Love Me Like You, Weird People.

I think this album has a great beat and tempo. I think that this band is absolutely amazing as a girl band. I think it’s great that a girl band has gotten this far, which doesn’t happen very often.

Black Magic was the first single release and was one of my favorite songs from this band. I like the tempo of this song. I also like the lyrics.

I think it was really hard to write and release this album so far because of the break up of Perrie Edwards and One Direction’s Zayn Malik. I think the lyrics were really hard to write. She felt heart broken but her band pulled her together and did everything in their power to make her smile and laugh. They even avoided the topic a interviews and blocked her from paparazzi cameras.

I can’t wait for them to produce more music and can’t wait to see what they accomplish as a band. I hope that they won’t break up. Also I can’t wait to listen to this new album. I know it will be absolutely spectacular.