Review for Sounds Good Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer

Ashley Rodriguez, Senior Reporter

5 Seconds of Summer started out as a little garage band from Sydney, Australia that had big dreams. The band includes guitarists Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood. The band’s drummer is Ashton Irwin. They all dropped out of school to pursue their dream of becoming a band. One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson helped them with their goal and he wanted them to be the opening band for their “Take Me Home” World Tour in 2013. From that point they quickly started to release albums. First they released an EP album called, “Unplugged EP”. Their next big album was, “She Looks So Perfect”. After that, they made history.

Their new album will be released later this week, on October 23. It will be called, “Sounds Good Feels Good”. The singles that are out are, “She’s Kinda Hot”, “Jet Black Heart”, “Fly Away”, “Money”, and “Hey Everybody”.

I think this album is very different from what they’ve previously produced. I think that album, “She Looks So perfect,” is better than this new album so far. I feel like there was more thought put into their old albums than this new album. It’s a good album as expected from this band, but I believe that they are capable of producing better songs because of there past albums. They are trying to get more music out faster to keep their fans happy, than pulling each song from their heart.

I personally think they’re trying to not follow One Direction’s footsteps, to release different music than the stereotypical boy band. Ashton Irwin even stated that they hate being called a boy band, I feel as a new band they are still trying to find their voice and they need to work hard to find it. I also think that they should release more of those boy band type of songs because with their new song style they will not make the top 5 songs and be able to keep that place. The closest they’ve achieved for their new album was place 32 in the top 40 of the iTunes chart for song, “She’s Kinda Hot”.

I think that these four boys are very talented, they all play instruments, have amazing song writing skills and can really put on a live performance.

I hope in the future that they will step up to the competition and release well thought out music that will make the number one spot that will be able to stay there for months.

5 Seconds of Summer is a great band that many die-hard fans love.

Will these four Aussie boys be able to pull it together for their next album or will their career end before it should?