Music Review: Made in the A.M. by One Direction

Ashley Rodriguez, Senior Reporter

It was said that One Direction’s career was over since member Zayn Malik (22) left the band. But Harry Styles (21), Liam Payne (22), Louis Tomlinson (23), and Niall Horan (22) are releasing their fifth album, called Made in the A.M. Its release date is November 13th.

I knew when 1D stated that they were going to release a new album that it was going to be a hit. With only three singles of the album released, they have already made the top charts. Drag Me Down, Infinity, and Perfect have proved that they in fact are still the biggest boy band in the world. I’m positive that they will remain that way until the end of their career.

Their previous album, “Four,” had a slower tempo than their first two albums. “Perfect” had a much faster beat than “Four”‘s “Stockholm Syndrome” or “Spaces”.
I feel that it’s good to mix it up a bit with their songs. I like that they’re testing out different cords and beats. I also like that the bands Irish guitarist, Niall Horan, has more of a chance to use his talent.

The first single of the album, “Drag Me Down” definitely got them back up to number one. The single was the song I was waiting for. It’s got an edge to it that hasn’t really been seen since there first two albums.

The second single of the album, “Infinity,” is the typical boy band song. I really personally like this song, since it kind of has the same meaningful lyrics that most of their songs have.

Their most recently released song, “Perfect,” talks about the typical bad-boy image that they have, mainly because of their increasing number of tattoos.

Also in “Perfect,” there is a line that says, “If you need someone to write a break-up song about, then we’re perfect,” which is a line directed towards the 2012 breakup of Styles and country/pop artist Taylor Swift.

I believe that they are producing different music because of Zayn’s departure. Their energy remains the same and Simon Cowell (producer) and the remaining members of the band wish him the best of luck in his new career.

I think that Zayn was also a big part of the band, not only for his voice, but he also helped make the band complete. Malik is going to be starting his career as a solo artist and he already has a new single out called, “I won’t mind,” which features Naughty Boy, who is also his new producer. I think that this is very different than what he has previously produced with the band, but I also think it’s good that he’s attempting to succeed as a solo artist, despite Cowell’s words that they would never make it by themselves in the music world.

I’m looking forward to see what music they come up with in the future, or if they go their separate ways as artists. I will always support them whichever path they decide to take.