Editorial: Ben Carson: Breaking the Chains of Modern Slavery

Veronica Morin, Student Guest Writer

The soft-spoken neurosurgeon/politician, Ben Carson, represents the true American success story. Carson is one of the few candidates, both Republican and Democrat, who truly understands how the nation works having lived in both poverty and wealth. Growing up in Detroit Michigan, living off of food stamps, and being raised without a father, Carson was able to grow up to become a world famous neurosurgeon, as well as become a Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential elections.

Unlike nearly all of the other presidential prospects, Carson is not a slave to the political system or to political correctness. Being relatively new to the political atmosphere, Carson is like a breath of fresh air who can bring an entirely new perspective to our nation.

One part of Carson’s political philosophy that originally caught my attention was his repugnance towards the exploitation of young citizens, like ourselves. Every day our generation is being enslaved by the growing debts of entitlement programs, special interest funding, stimulus packages, and other overly lavish government programs. Carson wants to free us from the indentured servitude of over 18 trillion dollars of debt that has been thrown on us by older generations.

Carson not only wants to break the chains of debt that holds our generation back, but also wants to eliminate a feeling of entitlement and self pity that has become common amongst average American citizens.

Carson was raised by a mother who would not allow her children to think of themselves as victims, and Carson’s goal is to inspire the same hard-working attitude on the American people as his mother did for him. His entire rags to riches story is also recreated in his movie, “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story.” I seriously recommend this movie to everyone, both those who will be able to vote in 2016 as well as those who won’t. This movie was also made before Carson had decided to run for president, so you don’t have to worry about it being a propaganda film, it isn’t.

The democratic socialists, like Bernie Sanders, tell young people that bigger government will give us “free” college and “free” healthcare and higher wages. Ben Carson, as well as other informed politicians, advise that there is no “free” ride and that government handouts take away incentive from people to work hard and spend wisely, and that “free” government money must always be paid back later—by us. Carson also reminds us that free minds and free markets will work if we let them.

Intelligent, hard-working, caring, and a truly genuine candidate, Ben Carson has my vote, and hopefully the consideration of your own.

“We, the American people, are not each other’s enemies. The enemies are those people behind the curtain jerking everybody’s chains and trying to divide us up by age, by race, by income.” Ben Carson