Pep rally leaves students pumped

Bella Galardo, reporter

The homecoming pep-rally is not like any other assembly; the marching marched passed all of the classrooms playing the school fight song, a song that has been part of tradition since the beginning of time. All students participated in the first game, Ships and Sailors, where each man fends for himself or herself following a pirate themed Simon Says. The student body then continued to cheer on their favorite teachers in a Decade Dance Off. Science teacher, Mrs. Roberson, was favored in the eyes of many students for her grace and fluidity on the dance floor. The rally finished off with a class versus class whipped cream eating contest. The senior class went to win the contest with finishers Kaitlann Brown (12) and Katie McKeil (12). All in all, the assembly was a great way to pump up the student class for the game that night.