Fall Sports Profile: Volleyball’s Garretson and Jensen Still Seek to Improve

Sita Ahlen, Senior Reporter

Seven games into the season, star players Angala Jensen and Brooke Garretson already know what they need to work on. While both players agree that the team’s offense is their strong suit, they have a long list of everything they could do better. Passing, serving, receiving, and mental focus made the list.

Manitou Springs High School has a Colorado state rank of 51 out of 301, a win loss ratio of 7-3, and a Colorado 3A rank of nine. But the two girls think they could do better. “We don’t really reach our full potential against teams that may not be as good, and that is really bad for us.”Jensen comments.

This year, the team has a new coach, Jane Squires. Although it has been a harder transition than expected, the girls have nothing but love for her. Garretson (12) commented,” She’s tough on us, but she cares about us.” Jensen (12) has a similar response, remarking on how the new coach sees their potential, and is working on getting them there.

Garretson is a middle hitter and blocker, a valued member of the team. Although, like any good player, she has some things to work on. Coach Squires hopes she is able to become more aggressive and confident. This year, Brooke is devoting her time towards blocking schemes. Since her freshman year, Garretson has been playing varsity. In past three years, she has played 100 sets, had 95 kills, and has a hitting percentage of .410.

Coach Squires describes Jensen as a “Great floor leader with wonderful skills.” The team captain is an excellent setter and an even better leader. Squires has hopes that she will be able to sync with hitters by the end of the year. After being on the varsity team since freshman year, she has played 177 sets, and has won several awards. Most being Player of the Match awards. Jensen seems to have mastered the game.After playing the sport in high school for 3 years, she has a lot of advice; most importantly, “Never think that you have it easy, you know, always go into situations wanting to do your best.”

Join the volleyball team as they play against their rivals, CSCS, on Tuesday September 29th at home.