GSTA Under New Leadership

Connor Cupit, Reporter

Wyatt Fries has always been an active member of the GSTA, or the Gay Straight Tran* alliance within the school, but this year, he became president of the club.

The GSTA is a club in which students of all genders, or non-genders, and sexualities can come together to be in a friendly environment and deal with some of the negative social stigmas in high school.

The GSTA has been around the school for a while. Wyatt notes, however, that this past year and a half however the club has gained momentum through new faces and an increasing number of events the club holds. Wyatt has been in the GSTA since freshman year and has been able to experience the growth first-hand.

The GSTA has increased their numbers massively, two years ago (2013-2014), Wyatt was one of the 6-8 members; now the club has more than 20 members. That number gradually increases over time.

The club’s increasing popularity can be contributed to many factors, the most important of which being the accepting environment.

Many of the students in the GSTA have experienced discrimination, either from fellow peers or family members at home.

Coming from this goal to make every high school environment non discriminating, Fries is setting up events with GSTAs from other schools come together to share their experiences. The GSTA also often holds bake sales to provide money to charities.

As the club grows larger, they hope that environments within MSHS and other high schools grow to be more accepting.

This Friday 9/25, Fries is hosting an ice cream social with the GSTA and other schools’ GSTAs in the area. This is the first of many multi-school events the GSTA is hosting and will attend.