Biology Bug Project 2015

Lizzy Anderson, Senior Reporter

The Bug Project has been a tradition for Mr. Mack’s fall biology class for 14 years. Students are required to collect around 60 insects from a variety of species. Diagrams are then built, having the bugs in a variety of settings. The diagrams are then judged by a few staff members.

Mr. Nishimoto was Mr. Mack’s student in 2008 , and has returned to Manitou as a student teacher. ” I really just love to teach.”

He is now helping Mr. Mack teach the infamous bug project, offering do’s and dont’s he figured out by doing the project himself.

“Definitely have a good theme, I did mine the night before and it sucked. It was the House of Bugs, it was a 3D diagram of a house”

One of his biggest don’ts he could offer was not to leave the project where your pet could reach it. ” I had this dog named Henry who ate everything, the night before the project was due he ate all my bugs.”

Mr. N advice for anyone doing the bug project is, work hard, have a good theme, collect lots of bugs, and travel to get a variety of bugs.

Years after graduating high school, Mr. N is back again, and so far he enjoys the experience.