The Club Fair Carnival

Paige McKenna, Reporter

There is always that one idea that pops into your head out of nowhere. It could be a good idea or a bad one. Sophia Ives, Student Body Secretary, has experienced this before. She explained one idea that she made come to life. The Club Fair Carnival.

In Student Council, Mrs. Stoneback, the Stuco teacher, had an assignment for staff members, that ended up being,” If you could have an event and have it not fail, what would it be?” and for some reason she instantly thought, Carnival. She made clear that “The idea was originally for the whole community, but we wanted to re-innovate the club fair, so it kind of morphed into one.” She turned her idea into a reality.

“When you’re the chair of an event, you have to expect the worst but hope for the best,” She explained. “I did everything in my power to make it as successful as possible and my committee and I achieved that. Doing an event that has never been done before is stressful, but completely worth it.”

As she talked more, some couldn’t help but wonder what she did to make it happen?” There was a whole bunch of coordinating with administration and club liaisons,” she said. “But also quite a bit of set up with the bouncy house company. I could explain that for quite a while.” She explained.

Sophia explained that there were two things in particular that she did to make the carnival possible. “One was getting to know the new people in my committee. Even though there wasn’t a lot of time between planning it and it actually happening, showing them what to do and how to do it made me happy,” she stated. “The second being seeing students sign up for new clubs. A few friends from varying clubs came up to me smiling from ear to ear, telling me that they got this many members, and most actually followed through.”
She later explained that she had one more thing that didn’t go as planned. “I think that the hardest thing to do was continue to keep everyone contributing, informed,” she stated. “There was a lot of miscommunication in the process, and it dragged us down a bit, but there were not many obstacles.”

After being asked how long she had been wanting this to happen, she responded with, “My dreams came true quickly, since this summer, and I am grateful it happened before I graduated.”

“Even though there was things that went wrong, such as the games and the raffle that fell through, but you live and learn and next year should be a lot better,” she said.