Editorial: Snowboarding 2015


Gianni Truscelli, Reporter

Venturing out into the snowy depths of the world is where we do our work. People usually grow up to be a teacher, or doctor but some people take another path, snowboarding. These adrenaline junkies go through thick and thin just to get one trick. It’s all about mentality when it comes to throwing what you thought before was impossible. We all have this drive that won’t let us stop until we ride away. Snowboards various components contain: A core: core is the interior construction of the board. It is usually made up of fiberglass around wood. Beech and poplar are the most common woods. As a snowboarder myself I personally think that snowboards with a rocker/reverse camber are the best for riding in the terrain park

Usually when ever you meet a pro there is always the question “how do I become a professional snowboarder?” And I have heard from every single one, “just have fun.” Those words came to me as a surprise, but as long as you put in work you will always win. Even though usually your dreams feel nearly impossible to reap, just keep going. Do it because you love it.

The most fun things about snowboarding from riding with friends, to doing the scariest trick imaginable. It has to be everything! You are free when you are on the mountain, no worrying about homework, or feeding your dog. All you think about is fun. Snowboarding can be dangerous but how else are you going to get somewhere with out a little bit of falls. From snowboarding all the way to working in a cubicle, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you love it.