Coming Back to School

Avery Norwood, Reporter


The Color Dance had a bigger turn-out than ever before. The first dance of the year is traditionally a favorite. With tickets only six dollars, it’s an easy advertisement.  

“Throwing powder on people and dancing were my most favorite parts of the color dance!” said freshman Allie Coleman.

Beginning traditions for freshmen were balanced against ending rituals for seniors who are finally completing their last year of high school. More than two dozen seniors gathered for the annual sunrise ceremony to begin the new school year.

“Coming back to school helps me stay on track and keep a serious schedule.” Says Sita Ahlen (10).

The year has had an outgoing first two weeks back.  The feel around the school is quite mutual.  Mattie Monson (10) says, “[I’m] really excited to get the year started, and enjoy my sophomore year.”

The High School is getting pumped for the upcoming Home football game on September 11th. “I’m looking forward to football games and making new friends! With only two years left of high school we’re gonna make the most of it,” says Braeden Lewis (10). Former football player Matt Vanderwerff (10), number 88, says, “I can’t wait for the upcoming games and looking forward to seeing how to team bonds as a family.”

As the Manitou Springs School District looks forward to the dances and future games or track meets, 2015 has had an easy comeback.

As Mr. Browkowski says, “It feels slow, as always, the classes start off boring for the first week, but I’m excited for new classes and happy with the students I’ll be teaching this year.”

On Friday September 4th, the “Who We Are” Assembly and Club Fair took place in the new gym and on the Football field. The bouncy houses we’re an exciting new part to the Club Fair this year.

Even though coming to school is a favorite and a hate for different people, there’s still more talk about the things that do not excite us, as we come back into the year. Lunch only last twenty-five minutes giving students only a short time to socialize.

Bread Heads is one of the most popular clubs in the school. Many great comments coming back.