Hard opens communication after bonfire protest

Hard opens communication after bonfire protest

In light of the recent student protests, MSHS Principal Glenn Hard called a meeting with Student Council to work through the issues that had triggered the unrest.

On Sept. 27, 2012, more than a dozen students engaged in an act of peaceful protest against the administration’s decision to cancel the Homecoming bonfire by placing pieces of wood on the school emblem.

Student Body Secretary Kailah Buchanan gave her reasons for dissent.

“Personally, I engaged in the protest to make sure that my voice was heard as a student in this school… What upset me most was that the students weren’t informed [about the bonfire’s cancellation]. Whoever made the decision seemed to expect it to trickle down quietly.”

After viewing the pieces of wood piled in front of the office, Hard said, “My reaction is to meet with Student Council… So I can listen and, perhaps, come up with an alternative activity [to the bonfire].”

During the meeting with Student Council, it was agreed upon that bi-monthly meetings would be set up as a tool to engage students in administrative decisions. A system such as this has never been implemented at MSHS. This sets an important precedent.

“I’m satisfied with the result of the meeting,” said Buchanan. “Hopefully, from here, students will have more of a say of school decisions.”

In regards to a replacement activity for the bonfire, Hard was willing to discuss an alternative, though the decision rests in the hands of Student Council.

“We don’t have any specific ideas right now, but we want to do something community-based, instead of just school-based,” said Buchanan.

By Renae Musekamp