Manitou’s student GSTA pursues future goals and ambitions

Lizzy Anderson, Writer

Local schools throughout the region are lacking a GSTA, or Gay Straight Trans Alliance.

Last week on Friday, March 13, students representing schools across the region who do or do not have a GSTA came to Manitou Springs High School for an ice cream social. This is the first of hopefully many community get togethers. Some high schools are not allowed to have a GSTA.

“It was just sad, just the fact that the ones who were there, a lot of them were people who were involved [and] were not affiliated with the school, there are actually some schools in the area who aren’t allowed to have [a GSTA],” said club member and MSHS junior Wyatt Vanderheyden.

The club’s next project is too make the front office bathrooms gender neutral. The next GSTA gathering will be sponsored by Cheyenne Mountain High School.