The perfect YouTube channels for the perfect mood

Ryan Cantwell, Writer

Music can put anyone in just the right mood – the issue tends to be attempting to find the jams you need for your current mood. Most of these channels consist of a high amount of EDM (electronic dance music) which is a general name for most electronic music; this ranges from dubstep to deep-house music. All of the channels below can be found on YouTube and feature all sorts of music that will put you in the mood you want.

Trap City
Get pumped

Trap City is a music sharing channel but also a record label for trap. Trap music is a hybrid of hip-hop and dubstep. All of the music on Trap City is full of drums, bass, rapping, and moves at an extremely fast pace. If you are in the business of getting absolutely pumped up, this channel is just what you need. Be warned, due to it being based around hip-hop it may be explicit and may blow out your speakers; discretion is advised.

Dance around, get hyped

Proximity features a whole arsenal of EDM from remixes of well-known songs to brand new songs by new artists. It features many artists such as The Chain Smokers, Cash Cash, and Bastille. This type of EDM ranges from chill to trap, which makes it perfect for discovering. The wide variety of Proximity also allows for you to enjoy in any mood. Every song on Proximity definitely fits under the genre of EDM; it makes you want to get up and dance.

Best Modern Music
Relax and get motivated

Best Modern Music consists of mostly rap/hip-hop by newer artists. Most of the music has a more relaxed sound but still has the existence of being up beat due to rap. This channel features artists such as Hoodie Allen who are fairly new to fame or aren’t really known. It is the perfect channel to chill out and get work done without falling asleep.

Chill Masters
Calm down

Chill Masters is a French/English EDM channel that features primarily chill dance music, specifically house and deep house. The channel consists of mostly remixes of well-known hip-hop/rap artists such as Eminem and Rick Ross, but also chill remixes of artists like Avicii. This channel is perfect for calming down on a nice afternoon and getting in a happy state of mind.