Bolder sound revives Drake’s appeal

Drake’s newest album “If You’re Reading This…” is worth a listen.

Hannah Kimmett, writer

Drake’s new album is such fire!

Not only did he cop Beyoncé’s method of dropping albums with zero press, he also dropped it at midnight on February 13, 2015, making to near impossible to know that the drop even happened.

If you’re reading this you’re too late is by far Drake’s best album since his first EP, 2009’s So far so gone. Sticking to his roots, the songs have heavy repetition, and simple heavy beats. But unlike previous hits, his use of repetition is much cleaner. It sounds a lot better compared to his first hit single “Best I Ever Had”. Compared to the rest of his songs, its clear Drake took note from friend and colleague Jay-Z, a rapper who’s never been afraid to include his own personal truths in every song he’s ever written.

The album kicks off with what will probably be a popular club hit, “10 bands”. Like many other rappers in the industry, Drake boasts about all the commercial success he’s gained since first becoming famous in the Mickey Mouse Club House. Drake never lets us lose sight of his genuine nice guy persona though, pointing out that most of the money he’s made goes back into his family, spitting, “I was paying momma’s rent when I was turning seventeen”.

In the next track, Energy (which is also a song that is just straight up poppin!), Drake is perhaps responding to some of the talk that he’s “too nice”, and possibly responding to Pusha T, a rapper that has had a long lasting feud since remixing Drake’s “Dream Money Can Buy”. While Drake already responded to the rapper, it has never been announced that the feud was over. The track could also be a response to social media in general. While Drake is highly successful and talented, it’s been argued that he’s been given all his success.

Playing with his success amongst his women fans, he includes Tracks “Jungle” and “You and the Six” (arguably a song dedicated to his mother), and in both songs he recalls failed relationships, possibly with romantic friend Rhianna. The best hit about love interests on the album, though, is “Madonna”. With a simple beat and a slowed flow, the song is a great kick-back song. The only downfall is comparing the lady in your life to crusty old Madonna.

Ending the album with a mix that isn’t classically Drake in the track Company was a move that needed to be made. Not including any chorus or hook, the song resembles a free verse poem but almost seems unfinished. Personally I’m not too impressed with the overall song. The beat is a little weak but the lyrics are strong and it’s a good way to close the album. Calling out Tyga (25) for dating Kylie Jenner (17), lifting lyrics form one of Kanye’s most controversial songs “Blood on the Leaves” , and supporting the rumors that he and Nicki Minaj have a romantic relationship while simultaneously calling out her now-boyfriend Meek Mill suggest that Drake is going to stay in the game for a long time.

If you’re reading this you’re too late leaves more to be craved from Drake, and he surely won’t disappoint when he releases his newest track through the publicity of manager Lil’ Wayne.