Breadheads bleed red

For a treat, Breadheads baked red velvet cupcakes.

Hunter Sherraden and Lizzy Anderson



Breadheads is a club that meets after school to bake some delicious bread and other dessert treats for themselves and special school events. Last Thursday, the club splurged and decided to bake red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

The club usually starts when the members meet in Mr. Batson’s room. Mr. Batson, or “Profé” is the club leader and sponsor. To begin, the club gathers their materials. Then, they mix the ingredients and put the mixture into a pan. Finally, they bake until light, fluffy, and delicious.

As soon as all the ingredients, muffin pans, and mixing machines were in place, Mr. Batson split the club up into three groups. The first group prepared and mixed the cream cheese frosting, adding extra vanilla and other ingredients until the batch was perfect. The two other groups focused on mixing up the cupcake mix and spooning the batter into the muffin tins, preparing them to be put in the oven.

In order to bake the cupcakes to perfection, the school has generously allowed the members of Breadheads to use the ovens in the special education department. The group moved to the kitchen and watched the cupcakes rise in the pans as they baked. When they were finally ready to be taken out, the cupcakes were put into the fridge to cool before the icing was put on. To complete and conclude the long yet fun process, the cupcakes were gently frosted and left out to cool before they were distributed to the members of the group.