Students plan elaborate “proposals” for dance dates

Hunter Sherraden, Writer


Although it’s not nearly as extensive as prom, “proposals” for Snowcoming tend to be a big deal at MSHS. For a couple weeks before the dance, the halls and the commons are filled with cute couples asking or being asked to go to Snowcoming. Sometimes, it’s just little freshmen asking each other with a rose or some candy. Other times, it can be as big and elaborate as a personalized banner hanging across the commons doors. For senior Katelinn Root, the process has been complicated and time-consuming. However, she says it was all worth it.

“He’s a special guy, and I wanted Snowcoming to be special for him. He asked me to homecoming and he’s planning on asking me to prom, so I was excited to hear about the Sadie Hawkins’ dance. It was an opportunity to show him how I feel,” she said.

This year, Katelinn is asking Jorrey Calvo (also a senior) to join her at the dance. They have been dating for five months as of February 12th. She wanted her proposal to be elaborate and thoughtful, so after some thinking, Katelinn decided to plan a scavenger hunt to lead Jorrey to his ticket to the dance.

While he was at his college classes, Katelinn drove up to Jorrey’s house to meet his parents and set everything up. Her scavenger hunt was composed of directions and hints that Katelinn hid around Jorrey’s house. They all had small, rhyming messages such as:

“You don’t have to search very long or FAR.
The next one’s where you park your CAR.”

After taking him inside, outside, upside down, and generally all over the place, the final clue lead Jorrey to his bedroom, where she was be waiting with balloons and a banner that said, “Will you fly up to Snowcoming with me?”

They plan on attending the dance together after dinner and pictures.

Another elaborate Snowcoming proposal was sophomore Carli Nanfito’s proposal to junior Jordan Ellis. Like Katelinn and Jorrey, February marks five months for this young couple.

Carli’s proposal was spread across multiple days. Starting on Wednesday, February 11 she hid small valentines in Jordan’s backpack and his locker. The next Tuesday, Carli met him in the media center after school to finally officially ask him. Of course, Jordan said yes. They’re both excited for Snowcoming, and Jordan thought Carli’s idea was funny and “pretty cute.”

“I just thought I could do something cute for him. I figured hiding notes for him would be a really neat way to make it special for both of us,” says Carli.