Student Council wins awards for 2014 Drive Smart week

Hunter Sherraden, Reporter

A big congratulations is in order for the Manitou Springs High School student council.

Led by Mrs. Alice Stoneback, Student-Body President Carter Sandras, and Student Body Vice President Leland Spangler, they have won $795 in prize money this year through their Drive Smart campaign. Each year, high schools across Colorado organize a week of festivities encouraging students to make good decisions while behind the wheel, and the Drive Smart organization gives awards in recognition of exceptional work.

“StuCo kids this year were really ahead of the game and well prepared, and they also had some big ideas that they were able to follow through on very well.”

Student council placed first in four categories, including First Place Overall (small schools), the McDivitt PSA Video Contest (directed by sophomore Jared Keul, junior Mia Elliott, and senior Leland Spangler), creative writing, and Instagram videos.

The largest event that student council organized was the fake car accident. In this scenario, two cars collided because one of the drivers was texting. The scene was complete with fire trucks, ambulances, and police. The actors wore fake blood and prosthetic wounds to portray what a real accident would look like. Along with the other emergency personnel, student council recruited a Flight for Life helicopter from Memorial Hospital to visit the school. The helicopter landed on the football field and flew away with an “injured” student inside. The dramatic and seemingly effective demonstration gained the attention of local news stations, who commended student council for their dedication and extraordinary efforts.

“I’m really proud of my fellow council members and the entire school for making this an awesome event,” said Spangler.