Mustangs re-elect Obama in mock election


In a mock election held by the Prospector on Nov. 5, Manitou students re-elected President Obama in their version of the 2012 election. 216 students participated in the survey, which is just under 50 percent of the estimated 519 total students who attend MSHS.

Manitou students overwhelmingly voted for the nation’s current president, Barack Obama. 56.5 percent of respondents (122 students) voted for President Obama. Students were offered the choice of two other candidates besides Obama’s main competitor, Romney: Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian). Even when votes for Romney, Stein, and Johnson’s were combined, they did not equal Obama’s total votes.

Though many experts are expecting a much closer race in today’s polls, the Prospector’s mock election is indicative of Manitou’s student body. Rather than reflecting public sentiment on a national level, this survey was intended to reflect the opinions of the MSHS student body.

Complete Results:

Grade Level of Respondent
• Freshmen: 25.6% (55 students)
• Sophomore: 17.2% (37 students)
• Junior: 28.8% (62 students)
• Senior: 28.4% (61 students)

Gender of Respondent
• Male: 44% (95 students)
• Female: 56% (121 students)

• Gary Johnson: 8.3% (18 students)
• Barack Obama: 56.5% (122 students)
• Mitt Romney: 31% (67 students)
• Jill Stein: 4.2% (9 students)

By Renae Musekamp