Drive Smart Campaign Confronts Careless Driving

Ted Weiss, Reporter

“We’re incomplete without you” was put up this week on every single Manitou Springs High School locker. That’s one motto being emphasized during Manitou Springs High School Drive Smart campaign.

Drive Smart is a two week campaign that has been running over the last few years at Manitou. Manitou teaches the importance of not texting, drinking, being under the influence of drugs, or just being distracted while driving.

This year, Manitou replicated an accident at the Manitou Springs High School parking lot.

Students went outside to see the wreck as Hunter Warren (11) and Carter Sandras (12) crashed into Morgan Warren (9) and Kelsey Hartwig (11).

Students were in awe as Hartwig was in “critical condition” and was picked up by a helicopter to get medical attention. Although she was dropped off later at the high school, it still implanted the idea of what the effect could be of careless driving.

Hunter Warren was arrested for killing his sister Morgan Warren and then leaving Hartwig in critical condition and leaving Sandras injured as well.

After the assembly Hunter Warren was asked if he ever drove and texted and responded with a bold “No”.

Morgan Warren then stepped in and said that when Hunter drives her around he’s always texting. “I just hope he doesn’t risk lives, love and everyone around him, don’t text and drive”.

The goal of this two week campaign is to teach students to Drive Smart, buckle up, not be careless and to think of each student as a puzzle piece and that the Manitou community would be incomplete without them.