Isaac Green’s Style

Tabby Nevinczenko , Reporter

Isaac Green, quite possibly the most popular man at Manitou Springs High School, has style. His whimsical, thrifty style consists of busy patterns, fun socks, button down shirts and color galore. When students were asked “Who dresses well at this school?”, Green’s name was the first one heard.

Green has gone through quite the journey the past few years. During the 8th grade, he associated with punk both musically and fashionably. “My confidence was that of a fruit fly,” he stated. “I was very much into being very punk rock. I listened to a lot of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat… just like anyone else at that time I dressed with that style in mind, replicating what I saw and who I though I was.” As time went by, his confidence introduced itself not only changing his style, but his whole mindset and outlook on life. Now, Green has the confedence of a lion, and feels no hesitation expressing himself in all ways.

The fact that Green attends this particular school alone has given him loads of courage. He expressed that he felt that if he attended a different school he’d be a much different person, and that he feels very accepted in this school and likes everyone at Manitou High School.

Green has a very close relationship with both of his parents. His father is an artist who has inspired Green for his entire life. This has contributed to the way he expresses thoughts, feelings and ideas visually, and in a drive to be more creative overall. His mother has always accepted Green, making him feel very comfortable with who he is, and showing that to the world.

Green primarily shops at the Arc Thrift Stores and Buffalo Extange. Sometimes he will go to the Urban Outfitters website to find garnments he likes, then finds their less expensive alternatives elsewhere. His biggest influences are Yung Lean, 2 Chainz, and other rappers. He prides himself on being a guy that actually puts some thought into his wardrobe. This intake of influences along with feeling confedent, and accepted is what has created his style to be so unique and bold.