XC Coach Mrs. Roberson Awarded Coach of the Year

James Kilroy, Reporter

This year at the end of the cross country season, head coach Mrs. Roberson was awarded with the honor of being known as coach of the year. She received the plaque on November 13th which was given to her by the athletics director, Mr. McGee.

The coach is chosen at the league meet, which this year took place in Florence. Before the meet started all the coaches from different schools within the league got together and looked at data sheets from other teams times and decided which coach brought their team the furthest, as well as voting a runner of the year.

The award itself is very informal and there was no ceremony or event for her receiving it, however it still symbolizes how well she coached the cross country team and brought them the the top. She managed to bring the girls team to state by cutting off minutes off of every single team mates personal record.

Mrs. Roberson doesn’t just credit the honor to herself though. She says, “This award is only a reflection of the entire coaching staff [including Coach D. Roberson and Coach Miller] and the team’s dedication to the sport.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Roberson for her great season of coaching, she will continue to bring out the best of the team in seasons to come.