“Leland From StuCo” Goes Viral & Mrs. Stoneback’s Big Announcement

Ted Weiss, Reporter

A meme posted on Facebook of Leland Spangler's peculiar expression
A meme posted on Facebook of Leland Spangler’s peculiar expression

Senior Leland Spangler is quite the accomplished high school student; captain of the boys varsity soccer team, A.P. scholar, student body Vice President, and, now, a meme going viral among Manitou students online.

French teacher and Student Council advisor Mrs. Stoneback announced exciting news to all her students on Friday that she is pregnant.

Stoneback and all Stuco members took a photo of Mrs. Stoneback holding a can of “Prego” tomato sauce to send to Senior President Carter Sandras, who was absent that day. After taking the photo, one student noticed Spangler looking awfully peculiar.

Once everyone had noticed Spangler’s expression, students then began to create “memes” of a cropped version of Spangler and then adding a funny caption on the photo, while other students made it their Facebook profile picture. “They were all over Facebook,” said senior Daisy Erickson.

The original meme was captioned, “When you find out Stoney’s pregnant”, with Spangler’s expression in the background.

Stoneback had no idea that this would be the outcome of the photo.

Spangler says that he doesn’t have anything left to accomplish in high school now that he has become a meme. He now considers graduating early as according to him, his high school career is now complete, and nothing can ever surpass this achievement.

There’s now saying whether Spangler will catch on and become the new “Alex From Target”(A Target cashier who went viral after someone posted a photo of him online) or in this case, “Leland From Stuco”.


Student council taking a group photo to announce Mrs. Stonebacks pregnant.
Student council taking a group photo to announce Mrs. Stoneback’s pregnancy.