Isabel Dufford, autumn fashion.


Tabby Nevinczenko , Reporter

The seasons are changing and so are the trends. Just like the leaves it seems that every Mustang’s color scheme has changed along with their general look. Wardrobes have transformed from florals, pastels, shorts, sheer, cotton, and skirts, to boots, suede, flannel, sweaters, and dark color schemes.

Senior Isabel Dufford dresses like this almost all year round. Her wardrobe consists of long skirts, flowing fabrics, cardigans, suede, and boots, with earthy tones for her color scheme. The main garments that she wears are mostly plain and simple. Dufford prefers to use jewelry and accessories to add flair to her look.

Dufford’s mother is the owner of a boutique in manitou named La Henna Boheme and has quite the influence on her style. When she was little, her mother would dress her up. To this day, Dufford still values her mom’s opinion on what she wears. She gets the majority of her wardrobe from her mother and the shop, H&M, and Target.

Most of Isabel’s garments are loose fitting, but she always brings out her waistline. One day she stumbled upon a fashion article saying that if you have a feature that you like, accentuate it, so from then on belts and high-waisted skirts became the norm for her. Daily, Dufford wears earthy, dark tones. This is mostly due to coincidence but also because these colors work well with her complexion.

Girls often say that in order to be comfortable, the clothes must be ugly and ill fitting, but Dufford has definitely proven that statement wrong. She has found the perfect balance of comfy and stylish.