Cross Country Girls Qualify For State

Sita Ahlen, Reporter

The MSHS Cross Country girls and boys teams participated at regionals on Thursday October 16, to try and qualify for state.

The boys team finished in 9th place in the region and the girls finished 3rd, which qualified them for State.

The girls team achieved 135 points, and an average time of 23:29.

Regionals was run on the Elmwood Golf course course in Pueblo.

“I’m really excited but nervous, and I hope we do good,” said Lizzy Anderson (9).

There are four regions in each division, and each region gets to send 5 teams to State, so expect to see approximately 85 teams in addition to qualifying individuals.

Last year there were 126 girl runners and 134 boys, and a similar number is expected for this year’s competition. State will take place at the Norris Penrose Event Center and Bear Creek Regional Park in Colorado Springs. The team has already run Bear Creek for the Spartan Invitational.

Although the course at Bear Creek is long and grueling and has a hill after mile one, many members of our team have attained their personal records there. Support our girls at State, which will take place on October 25th.

For complete results of the event, goto MILESPLIT.COM