Lily Reavis.

Tabby Nevinczenko, Reporter

Lily strikes an enthusiastic pose.
Tabby. L. Nevinczenko
Lily strikes an enthusiastic pose.

Winter is on it’s way. Several girls at manitou love their high waisted shorts, girly skirts, and other summer garments.

Lily Reavis is known for her cute, trendy style that consits of light fabrics, pastel tones, circle skirts, floral patterns,and oxfords. Although this is stylish and fashionable it can be chilly. Can these outfits be made practical for the cold season? Or do they need to be replaced? Lily Reavis knows how to be cozy and practical while keeping her main garments all year round.

Lily, turned her summer outfits into winter attire by adding tights, cartagains, and switching out her oxfords with boots for the season. When it’s very cold outside an extra layer will always do. Along with having a heavy, dark layer of fabric under the skirts. So our lady mustangs don’t have to spend a fortune to stay cozy.

Lily buys her wardrobe from H&M, vintage stores, and thrift shops. “I don’t follow trends on purpose…” Lily stays true to herself and her personal taste. When she goes into a store, she picks whatever appeals to her wether or not it’s in at the time.