Leaky Faucets and Brass Instruments

Spencer Aurand, Senior Reporter

On Friday, October 4th, water was discovered in the instrument storage room at
the beginning of fourth block. This is where the school and students keep their personal and borrowed instruments. School employees were notified shortly thereafter and arrived quickly, they found a decent amount of water had pooled.

Pete Sheloski, the day custodian, offered some insight into what happened. “The source was a stopped-up sink in a third floor art room, which had overflown and leaked down into the band rooms through the ceiling. Damage was extremely minor, with only several ceiling tiles needing to be replaced.” said Sheloski.

The only other area the water could get to was the parking garage, so there isn’t anything else that could be damaged. The power breakers were turned off to prevent electrocution.

Fans were running over the weekend to dry everything out so no mold or mildew would form on any areas where water might be trapped. Everything has been up and working fine since Monday. Hopefully the sinks remain clean of blockage in the future.