Mustang Volleyball Defeats Trinidad

Tabby Nevinczenko and Mykala Hobbs

On September 4th, 2014, all the Manitou’s girl’s volleyball teams (C-Team, Junior Varsity, and Varsity) played a home game against Trinidad High School. Both Manitou and Trinidad fought hard for the win, but the Mustangs won each game by a wide margin.

The C-Teams for both schools worked hard, but the Mustangs dominated the game. The first match was close with a score of 25-22, but Trinidad fell behind in the second match, losing 25-7. Great spikes were made consistently throughout the game by Mattie Monson (9), Morgan Warren (9), Gabrielle Vigil (9), and Winonna Henline (10). In the first set, Trinidad was able to keep their score within 2-3 points of Manitou, even surpassing Manitou at one point. The Mustangs made a swift recovery though, and beat Trinidad quickly and efficiently. By the time the second match started, Trinidad was visibly tired and Manitou was only just beginning. Manitou immediately gained an extreme advantage over Trinidad, with Warren serving ten consecutive points. For every point Trinidad made, Manitou made five more. C-Team dominated in front of the net, closing the second match with an 18-point advantage.

Junior Varsity finished with an outstanding score of 25-7. Shelby Hard (11) and Kaitlann Brown (11) shined throughout the whole game making intense kills and playing their hardest. Both teams were energetic throughout the game, putting immense amounts of effort into every strong move. Anytime a dig was made, it was made with jaw-dropping force. By the end of the game it was clear that every last drop of stamina was used up.

Manitou Varsity team members effortlessly destroyed Trinidad. With scores of 25-10, 25-7, and 25-10, the Mustangs ended the game with much to be proud of. Angala Jensen (11) and Katy McKiel (11) made powerful kills several times throughout the game. The girls never allowed the ball to make it far past the net. The girls seemed at ease and relaxed through all rounds of their game. Their confidence, which can be accredited to the decimation of the offensive team by C-team and JV, may very well have won the girls the game. The crowd cheered and jumped out of their seats for Manitou Varsity. The Mustangs all left that evening victorious and proud.