Student Council Executive Board to be Announced

Lily Reavis

The 2013-2014 school year is coming to an end. The senior countdown is now in single digits. Students are beginning to become worried about all their missing work, and teachers are being drowned in the tsunami of late assignments. Most of us are dead-set on dreams of the 95 work-free summer days in our futures. However, for eight students, the 2014-2015 school year is beginning sooner than expected.

Student Council elections are happening this week. Walk down the hallways and you’ll find multiple posters shouting “Vote for me!” The election campaigns are up and running, and time to vote is running out. Every vote must be cast by the end of advisory on Friday, the second of May.

On Wednesday’s advisory, grades eight through eleven were invited to listen to the candidates’ speeches.
The first people we heard from are running for President.

Diana Blake (11) and Carter Sandras (11) are the only two candidates. Each delivered a speech of their creation to the crowd. Sandras’s was especially unique, as the entire thing was set as a slam poem. The Student Body President is trusted to run the Calendar and Spirit Committee. They also give the Presentation of Thanks at Graduation and carry out other various tasks.

Next, we heard from the Vice President nominees. Taylor Finn (11) and Leland Spangler (11) are competing against each other for this title on Student Council’s Executive Board. Finn showered the crowd with candy, while Spangler stated that he would “not be telling any lies” during his speech. He proceeded to deliver the speech, which went something like this: “Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah. Vote, blah blah, for Leland.” We can’t make this stuff up.

The Student Body Vice President is in charge of the Special Events and Assembly Committee, as well as other various tasks.

Our Treasurer candidates were next to deliver their speeches. Sophia Ives (10) and Misty Kerze (11) are running against each other, and both delivered well thought-out speeches. The crowd was showered with candy after both speeches.

The Student Body Treasurer is in charge of the Fundraising Committee and keeping track of all money gained and spent.

Finally, the Secretary nominees went up. Ryan Murdock (10) was first, followed by Dani Pinto (11). The Student Body Secretary is tasked with organizing all advertising campaigns, helping prepare the agenda, and recording attendance and minutes for all meetings and events.

Voting ballots were sent to every student via email. To vote, please have these filled out and sent in by the end of Friday’s advisory. Elected candidates will be announced on Monday, May 5.