The iThief: Over $4000 in iPads Stolen from MSHS

Hannah Tooley

Since January, eleven iPads- equivalent to $4,598- have been stolen from Manitou Springs High School. They were taken from lockers and classrooms from both students and staff members.

Students will not receive any compensation for the lost items. In the iPad user agreement signed by parents at the beginning of the school year, it states, “If an iPad needs to be replaced due to loss, theft, neglect, or abuse, it is the family’s financial responsibility to replace the iPad at the district’s current replacement cost.”

Assistant Principal Jesse Hull, advises students to keep all their valuable items locked up.

“The thing that we’re really struggling with right now is complacency of students not locking their stuff up because I think that the culture here is a very trusting culture,” said Hull. “Students leave things out and just assume that nobody’s going to take them”.

However, Hull is sure that school administration is close to finding the thief or thieves responsible and will locate the stolen goods.

“I’m pretty confident that we’ll find out who’s doing it, and they’ll be held accountable,” said Hull.

These cases are currently under investigation and some details are still being kept undercover. The Prospector will update this story on any new information that is revealed.

By Hannah Tooley