Teachers give students healthy choices


Junior Susie Smith holds up her fresh juice.

Ms. Wecks and Ms.Surage now offer a healthy alternative beverage to MSHS students and staff: homemade juice. Every Wednesday they come to school with jars full of colorful  juices, selling full glasses to students and staff.

Every week there are new kinds of juice offered, such as apple-berry-beet, carrot-apple, and apple-berry-ginger.

“We wanted to provide a healthy option for students and staff,” said Wecks.

Many students and staff come every week to purchase a new flavor.

“It’s very good,” said senior John Christensen after trying the apple-berry-beet.”

Junior Susie Smith holds up her fresh juice.

A devoted customer, Mr. Johnston buys juice every week. “It’s good and it’s good for you.” Johnston says the weekly purchase of juice is a no-brainer, “If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?”

Fresh juice is available to students and staff every Wednesday.

By Maddie Conarro