Manitou girls soccer makes history

Makenzi VerVaecke, Senior Reporter

Manitou Springs High School girls varsity soccer won state runner up against Jefferson Academy on May 23 and made history by being the first public school to make it to state in girls 3A. 

The team was excited to be a part of history with this game, and it took them a lot to get to that point according to injured reserve Kate Johnson (11). “I think it’s taken everything from every single person on the team and countless hours of our coaches analyzing film. Our players put in hours and hours of practice and time outside of practice in the weight room, on their own running, going to practice from club practices,” Johnson said. “It’s taken everything we have. It’s been 20 games. It’s insane to play 20 games in a season.”

Head coach Benjamin Mack thought the girls had a very strong first half with the game being tied at 0-0. “What stood out really was I think our gutsy performance. We really cut it out even though it wasn’t our best soccer game,” Mack said. “We really got it out, especially that first half and really started frustrating the team and had them 0-0 at halftime.” 

Jefferson Academy scored three goals in the second half making MSHS lose 3-0. The girls, however, were happy with the way they played throughout the game. “I think we just fought hard and played with a lot of heart. We didn’t let them run us over,” Payten Smith (12) said. 

The student body was an important part of the game as well; the team rarely gets a lot of support at these games. “I just want to say thanks for this to the student body for supporting us and I love this team so much,” Smith said. 

Although Mack had hoped for a win, he is very proud of all the hard work that the team put in this season. “I’m just so proud of these girls, and we made history,” Mack said. “I’m proud of this squad, and hopefully we’ll be back again someday.”