Soccer heads to state championship undefeated


Naomi Porter

The varsity girls huddle up for a team talk under the sunset. On May 2 the girls won their game against Eagle Ridge, even after rain delays.

Naomi Porter, Junior Reporter

Game after game the girls soccer team plays hard and takes wins. Throughout the season the girls have supported each other and played their hearts out. The girls are coached by Ben Mack, Scott Cote, Sam Duff, Gabby Santos, and Jonathan Fugate.

The head coach Ben Mack has been coaching on and off for 12 years and has been head coach for eight. “My favorite part of coaching them is how silly and fun the girls are,” Mack said.“The energy is just really good and it’s a super positive and fun environment.”

Many of the girls on the team say that a lot of their success in games this season is due to their ability to work together. “I’m really proud of the camaraderie of it,” Elanor Fugate, a senior on the team, said. “I think we have really good chemistry and play really well together.”

The girls are very supportive of each other and are always willing to help someone out if needed. Payten Smith, a team captain, said that she’s most proud of the team chemistry. “It is truly unique and comes from years of playing together,” Smith said.

The girls have played in 19 games and have not lost a single one thanks to their hard work and persistence. “I’m most proud of how the girls have really dedicated themselves this season,” Mack said. “Soccer is important to them and it shows.”

As said the girls have pushed through and really challenged themselves this year. “My favorite memory is our win against CSCS. It was freezing, but we played anyway and I think it was the point where many of us started to realize how truly special this season was gonna be,” Smith said.

Mack expresses that he does not want this fun and phenomenal season to end. “It’s ending. Honestly I just don’t want this season to end, it’s been such a fun ride.” He knows that all the girls will do wonderful things next season, and the seniors will go on to be amazing players.

The girls play in the state championship game against Jefferson Academy tonight. They are all excited yet nervous to carry on their undefeated streak.

They hope to end the season with no losses, and with winning the state finals they will. It will be a program first and the culmination of years of hard word.

“I have been so honored to coach the girls this season,” Mack said.