Your Phone is Your Worst Stalker

Giulia Vidossi, Junior Reporter

As The New York Times reported in “Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping the Secret”, our movements are tracked more and more every day by our phones. Almost every app on your mobile could tell what you did the last night or where you were one month ago. Location information is extremely important these days and the data will be shared and sold without the users’ agreement. 90% of the people don’t even know that their devices register their location information, and there are really no consequences for companies that don’t protect the data.

The fact that the apps companies can sell our information– can sell us– for free is so scary, and we are not worried enough. Knowing where we are implies knowing the places that each person likes to go and what we like to do, and this is the best information that companies can get and sell to other companies that are going to use it “against” us. In other words, they make money selling information that they get free from us.

The scariest thing is that we can’t do much about it; we live in a world where you have to own a phone or a laptop. Technology runs our world and it’s getting worse and worse. The only thing we can do is be more conscious and aware.