Editorial: Top Ten Holiday Activities With Your Family

Samuel Richardson and Lance Warner, Junior Reporters

Do you ever struggle with finding new and fun ideas to spend time with your family during the holidays? Are the same boring board games you’ve been playing for years finally getting old? Here are ten extravagant and entertaining ways to enjoy festive times with your family:

There are many things to do in the local area such as donating to different charities to give back to the less fortunate. Items such as worn out or too small clothing could be donated to charity to those who can make use of it. As well as donations, soup kitchens and food drives are always looking for people to volunteer and contribute to helping the less fortunate in the community.

Taking an equestrian adventure with your loved ones over the holidays around the Garden of the Gods is a perfect way to show your relatives the natural beauty of Manitou Springs. The Academy Riding Stables offers one or two hours of scenic horse rides with included safety briefing guided by a professional. Prices are $55 for a one hour tour and an $85 expense for a two-hour tour.

Going skiing with your family is a great way to bond and spend quality time with each other. Breckenridge, Keystone and a variety of other mountains are all in a two and a half hour radius away from Manitou Springs. These mountains offer slopes for all experience levels, so don’t be afraid to take anyone.

When the season of a particular holiday arises, one activity one can do is enjoy a seasonal motion picture with the family. Sometimes, there is nothing better than having quality family time in one room while watching an enjoyable film.

Most people look forward to consuming delicious dinners when the holidays come. Turkey, gingerbread, kugels, latkas, cookies, ham, goose and other homemade, savory servings can be enjoyed during the holidays. Spending quality family time cooking food could be a fun way to enjoy the holidays.

If you aren’t necessarily willing to drive two and a half hours to go skiing and pay up to $80 for a day pass, sledding is a much more money-friendly activity. They’re many parks to go sledding around Manitou Springs such as Mountain Shadow Park and Cottonwood Creek Park.

For those who enjoy lots of crowds and pretty lights, the Manitou Springs Christmas Parade
celebrates coming together with relatives and family to enjoy a magical mountain town parade.
The parade has Santa, lights and music. It’s a really a good time for everyone in the family.

Going ice skating at Honnen Ice Arena is always a fun way to spend time together during the holidays. Renting ice skates is relatively cheap compared to skiing, so this is a good alternative. Ice skating is a traditional way to enjoy the snowy days of December to January. It can be enjoyed by anyone.

Making homemade ornaments with your family over the holidays is a great way to make your house look festive while spending quality time together. Any decorations at all to put around your house that were homemade will bring good vibrations to your household. Some ideas for personalized ornaments include garland, patterned paper ornaments and watercolored ornaments.

Taking a scenic drive up to Pikes Peak Mountain during the holiday season is an eventful way to spend time with your family. This overlook extends all the way from Colorado Springs to the Western Colorado Mountains. Charging only $10 per person, the view from the top is definitely worth showing your loved ones. Coffee, donuts and a gift shop with many trinkets are available at the top of the mountain.