Review: The Top 5 Horror Films For The Month Of October

Anais Wickes, Junior Reporter

Knowing that it’s October, horror movies are in high demand. Here are five recommendations for this Halloween:
“The best horror movie I’ve watched is IT (2017). I really liked the actors and I liked how it was set up,” said Weatherly Hall (9). Hall had never been interested in horror movies until she watched IT, which is about seven young outcasts facing an evil shape-shifting monster that preys on children.
“I like horror movies because it gets your heart beating,” said Sheyenne Sires (12).
Sires’ favorite horror movie is Friday The 13th because it was the first horror movie
she ever watched. It’s an 80’s slasher film that is about a murderer who comes back to haunt the Crystal Lake Camp and kill anyone who gets in his way.
“The horror and the suspense are so intense,” said Nathaniael Perry (12) about his favorite film: Alien, a 1979 science fiction horror film that follows a space crew and their survival on a spaceship with an aggressive extraterrestrial.
Perry– a horror fanatic– also suggest Hellraiser, a British 1987 film about a husband and wife who move into an old abandoned house and accidentally resurrect Frank Cotton, causing all hell to break loose.
“The adrenaline! People love to get scared, even the storyline gets so interesting,” said Ashley Otis (11). Oculus is Otis’ favorite horror flick. It’s a supernatural horror film that takes place in two different times– present and past– with a dangerous mirror that plays horrific mind games on those who dare to look into it. “If it actually scares you to the point where you think it could happen in real life, that’s when it’s really terrifying,” said Otis.