Key Club Members Go To District Convention

Allie Robbins, Senior Reporter

Every year, Key Club goes to the District Convention, usually in late March or early April. The main purpose of DCON, other than connecting members from Key Clubs all over the Rocky Mountain District, is to elect a new district board. The Manitou Key Clubbers who attended the DCON are Kaitlyn Davidson (12), Liam Davidson (10), Benjamin Schwartz (10), and Allie Robbins (10). Kaitlyn is the current President of Key Club, as well as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 4. Davidson is passing on her position as President to Schwartz. Liam is the Webmaster and Robbins is next year’s Lieutenant Governor. Their collective goal for Key Club next year is to get more people involved with K Family.

The K Family includes Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K, and Kiwanis. The MSHS Key Schwartz plans to go big on advertising for the club next year and Robbins is emphasizing history by making scrapbooks and taking pictures for the club. Liam is making a website so the upcoming events and projects of the club can be found by anyone. “Spending more time together made us bond more and combine our great ideas,” said Robbins. Amy Rockenbach and Mike Talbott are the Key Club advisor and they also want to see the club grow.

Key Club plans to have an agenda for each meeting so that people know what they are coming in for. They also play to keep people hooked on Key Club by asking them to have a minimum of 50 service hours. As a club, they are hoping to become more organized and attract more members.